I’ve spent the past 13 years listening to customers, gleaning insights, and translating these to new product opportunities. I consider myself to be a professional listener and question asker. I honed these skills consulting in the industrial design world, and now continue working with PhD chemists, prompting them to fundamentally understand situations prior to solving.

I started out as a hands-on R&D chemist, benchtop creating and scaling up to production. I matched colors and fragrances. I blended new formulations. I observed production in Guatemala and China. I found opportunities to change processes. I sold an invention.

The common thread here is that I have found many diamond-in-the-rough ideas and given them a voice.

I’m new to this world of politics and public policy, as I would have considered myself to be apolitical prior to 2016. Like most suburban working moms, I was buried in raising three small children, staying employed, staying married, and just keeping afloat the in the daily-ness. Ten years into motherhood, I’m now ready to be involved in this larger world and personally understand how decisions have influenced the change, progress, and destruction of families and communities.