Today Hurts

Ohio, we fought the good fight. We found activism among those who had never been politically active. We showed up. We encouraged people to research and show up themselves. 100,000 people voted for us. Yet, we lost the battle.

My kids don’t understand how we can win the debate but not win the election. It’s a tough lesson. The rules, the establishment, the autopilot, the economy, the money, the fear, the racism, the news, the middle finger to the elites—they all played a role.

At the end of the day, I’m better off. I veered off my racetrack of normalcy. I participated. I kept showing up 14 weeks in a row. I learned that I need to listen. We all need to listen.

I preach this at work. Build empathy. Listen more, assume less. Understand the journey, not just the destination. Rush to discover, not to solve. I’ve been trained to ask questions. People tell me things. I let them finish their sentences.

We don’t have black and white issues. We don’t have black and white attitudes. We don’t have black and white people. Let’s add color to this conversation. I invite you to join me.


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