Ground Zero

I feel connected, yet distant, from the people that put Trump in office. My hometown is ground zero for Trump love (+40!) It’s a place that’s been hurting–loss of manufacturing, farming, brain drain, and now overrun with opiods. Even more insulting, they now face environmental risks as all the surrounding states are pumping their waste into their land. They found hope in Trump- a guy pledging to look out for the little guys, their guns, and take down the establishment. Instead, they elected a hater-in-chief and emboldened criminal, determined to take us all down with him. What I cannot understand is why his story was believable to them then, and why, now, they choose to continue to support him. I’m on a listening tour, trying to understand the what’s and why’s of the past and the how’s to move forward.IMG_20180731_195955282_HDR


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